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Concert: 1660s, “agreement, accord, harmony,” from Fr. concert (16c.), from It. concerto “concert, harmony,” from concertare “bring into agreement,” in L.* If a concert is based on “agreement, accord, harmony,”, then a nonconcert is based on disagreement, discord, and noise. Non-idiomatic improvisation is supposed to treat all music as possible material for improvisation. But…(Read More)

An aesthetic essay in images, resulting from artistic practice as a laboratory of analysis of materiality, with the latter understood as a symbolic construction that holds up a large part of the mythologies that ground contemporary society. The session will consist of the projection of an essay in images connected to the concept of materiality…(Read More)

I go forward in leaps, spins and backward steps. I go forward without going forward. I hardly advance at all, I go back on my steps, I split, I cast doubt on the path I have chosen, I take three steps forward, I go back on them, I change direction, again I cast doubt on…(Read More)

Screening of visual material proposed by Ángela Palacios. To be preceded by a presentation of her proposal and followed by a debate. Screening: Land of the Pharaohs (Howard Hawks, 1955). Epic Hollywood film on the building of the tomb to be the home of pharaoh Khufu and his belongings in the afterlife. This session of…(Read More)

São Tomé Revisitado is a work in progress articulated through an installation and a performance, in which the materials used in the process become visible. Silvia Zayas proposes a collaborative work with her mother, Isabel Serra, based on intimate memory and forgetting, using 8mm film material retrieved from her family archives, recorded in the…(Read More)

Bulegoa z/b celebrates its second anniversary. Pintxos, drinks and live acts: 19:00. Presentation of Bulegoa z/b t-shirt designed by Rosa Parma for Riot Flesh. ( ) ( ) 19:30. Recital by San Anton Abesbatza ( ) 20:00. Chico y Chica present the cocktail…(Read More)

Screening of a film proposed by Bob Curwen, followed by a discussion. Screening: Three Brothers (Francesco Rosi, Italy, 1981). Summoned by their father, three brothers return to the village of their birth in the south of Italy to attend their mother’s funeral. The three brothers represent different perspectives on Italy in the late 1970s…(Read More)

Screening of a film proposed by Jorge Núñez, followed by a discussion. Screening: Reflections of Evil (Damon Packard, 2002-2004). Fantasy film with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Tony Curtis and the fifth dimension taking part as protagonists. Jorge Núñez (Santurtzi, 1983) is writing the thesis Fricciones: Artificios dramáticos en el Cine contempor…(Read More)

Screening of a documentary proposed by Gelen Alcántara Sánchez, followed by a discussion. Documentary: Don’t Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl, Kerri Koch, 2005.* * The documentary is in English with no sub-titles; however, we will periodically pause the film during the screening and translate it as a group. Gelen Alc…(Read More)