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Noise & Capitalism is an ongoing collective research platform dedicated to reflect in the way that capitalism conditions our life in relation to the practices of noise and improvisation. The practices of noise and improvisation have historically claimed to be able to achieve some emancipation, agency and empowerment. We want to explore and question this potential…(Read More)

illegal_cinema started in 2007 in Belgrade, as an initiative of the Walking Theory platform. During 2008 and 2009 it had its special editions in Zagreb and Istanbul, and from 2010 TkH has initiated illegal_cinema in Paris, which is now organised in Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers as their regular program. It is conceived as an open…(Read More)


Deschooling Classroom is a long-term project that addresses the contemporary independent cultural scenes in the region of former Yugoslavia researching and offering alternatives to the hierarchical models of education in art and culture. The project started in 2009, and is organized by TkH (Walking Theory) platform for performing arts theory and practice, Belgrade in…(Read More)

The Women’s Audio Archive began as a series of recordings after leaving her home country in 1984. These recordings document public events, seminars, talks, conferences, and private conversations as valuable records of a particular time in discourse, beginning around 1983 until 1990. Lewandowska denotes this period of time as one dominated by academics and…(Read More)

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P.H. Machine is a continuum of works, research projects and creation concerning popular culture, especially flamenco, which has been under development in a systematic way since the mid-1990s, above all in Andalusia. P.H. Machine is also a space, a place where shifts in perspective can be produced that put into question the…(Read More)

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Aneta Szylak – a Polish curator, and Hiwa K – an Iraqi Kurdish artist, will hold a conversation about their multistage Estrangement Project. The highly problematic nature of collaboration and artistic partnership encourages a quest for the potential existing in silence, in what is missing, in rupture, in waiting, in the gap and…(Read More)