Posts From the yearly archives: "2013"

Film screening proposed by Pablo Lafuente followed by a debate. Como era gostoso o meu francês (Nelson Pereira dos Santos, 1971, 88 min.) In Como era gostoso o meu francês, directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos in 1971, most of the characters go naked, most of them speak in Tupi, and the meeting…(Read More)

Screening proposed by Ainize Sarasola, followed by a debate. Star Wars: First Episode – A New Hope (1977) and other videos. Star Wars is one of the first films I can remember. My mum loves science fiction, so I saw it when I was really young. I’d seen the whole Star Wars trilogy more than…(Read More)

In autumn 2010, having recently opened our office, we invited Ana Vujanović and Marta Popivoda to talk about TkH – Walking Theory (, a platform set up in 2000 in Belgrade, instigated by different artists, theoreticians and researchers. This gave them an idea of the background to the Bulegoa Zenbaki Barik project…(Read More)

“A Journey through Art Books” How to think up a book. How to make a readable object from a set of ideas and intentions, and how to do this when the object is the result of dialogue between a designer and an artist. This lecture analyses questions arising on creating an art book: thinking of…(Read More)

Screening of a film proposed by Aimar Arriola, followed by a debate. The Queen (Frank Simon, 1968, 66 min.)* “The International Cinema Hit” / “The Film of the Miss All-American Drag Beauty Pageant, 1967″ / “Presented in glamorous color”. This session is conceived as a new contribution to the collection of footnotes that makes up…(Read More)

“Staging a Decolonisation Process: Cinema Denying its own Present” “The future of cinema needs to emerge from the denial of its own present.” These were the words of Mozambique’s Information Minister at the first African Cooperation Cinema Conference in 1977, and it was precisely the idea of “cinema denying its own present” that made…(Read More)

Bulegoa z/b has organised a programme of talks as part of EL CONTRATO [The Contract]. This collaboration project with AlhóndigaBilbao began in April 2013, with the creation of a regular reading group meeting once a fortnight, and is due to conclude with an exhibition in 2014. From November 2013 to January 2014, four…(Read More)

The seminar approaches textiles from the epistemological perspective of the South aiming to address ways to examine, discuss, declassify and ponder the current aesthetic role of textiles within contemporary art and art history. The presentations pinpoint several disruptions textiles introduce within hierarchical and binary divisions such as the separation between art and crafts, the limits…(Read More)