Posts From the yearly archives: "2015"

Film screening proposed by Rosa Parma followed by discussion. El tercero de los vídeos va al principio de los tres (Unai Requejo, Jorge Núñez, 2004, 08:23) Ayer Kandinsky, hoy Rothko, mañana Pollock (Unai Requejo, Jorge Núñez, 2004, 05:01) Los artistas guays son los que se lo toman en serio…(Read More)

Analphabet Orchestra is a project I have been working on for the past two years, which aims to create a common stage for artistic and philosophical interests, and to narrow and interlink the relationship between practice and theory. The dispositif attempts to listen to “famous” songs and try to copy them on instruments without knowing…(Read More)

The Book to Come at CAC Reading Room will consist of public talks, events and screenings accompanied by a reading group spanning November 2015 – April 2016. The project has been developed by Bulegoa z/b in collaboration with book designer Filiep Tacq and is co-hosted by CAC Vilnius Reading Room. It takes as it…(Read More)

Film screening proposed by Ibon Rodriguez, followed by discussion. A Bookshelf on Top of the Sky: 12 Stories About John Zorn (Claudia Heuermann, 2002, 82 min) Subtitled (Euskera) Some years ago, I translated the subtitles of this and ten other musically related films for a kind of program which never actually took place. I had…(Read More)

Almost everything I want to say and encourage the members of this seminar/workshop to think about in this session of The Book to Come relates to poet Marcel Broodthaers’ decision to turn the book into art material and a space for thinking about poetry and art. If Pense-Bête continues to resonate with…(Read More)

Once again, Bulegoa z/b will be celebrating its birthday in early November. You’re invited to come and celebrate our fifth anniversary with us at a party with pintxos, drinks and performances. 20:00. Recital by The Queen African Voice 20:30. “Saint’s Day Soirée’s” hair styling. Beatriz Setién www…(Read More)

Film screening proposed by Ainhoa Akutain, followed by discussion.  Mister Lonely (Harmony Korine, 2007, 112 min) Mister Lonely goes beyond imitations and imitators. It takes us from representation to the representation of representation and asks us if we’re really able to show ourselves to others as we are. Only, though, if we know who…(Read More)