The Permanent Ordinary Seminar is a public collaborative programme by Bulegoa z/b and Sociología Ordinaria which will run in 2020-2021 via a series of conversations and encounters both in person and online.

The connection between Ordinaria and Bulegoa z/b is a long-running one: coinciding biographies, previous collaborations and affect. But it is only now, when all explanations of the present must go through withdrawal and crisis, that this relationship is being consolidated as a project. This programme has been born in strange times, in which the crisis of modernity, the exhaustion of readings of the “post-”, capitalist acceleration, or the explosion of globalisation are not enough to explain such a present present. We have set up this programme as a way to try to approach this crisis and make the interpretation of it –as well as each one of our own practices– inhabitable.

If art allows us another way of interpreting life without epistemological binds, sociology situates us in a different place, one of critical positioning in the face of scientific performativity, of forms of knowledge and their integrative reflexive thinking. With Sociología Ordinaria this space has been expanding for years, allowing in other ways of looking and doing that have given rise to different collaborations and the holding of yearly conferences.

The social sciences have had a relevant part to play in the development of Bulegoa z/b over time. After ten years’ work, their importance has been expressed in our attempts to interpret and call into question the world around us through narratives and tools tangential to art.