Artworks for de-occupying and occupying time in the museum

Artworks for De-occupying and Occupying Time in the Museum is a series of encounters accompanying the exhibition After 1968. Art and artistic practices in the Basque Country, 1968-2018 at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. The encounters are based on seven works, some of which are included in the exhibition while others are part of its conceptual framework. In each encounter, artists and art specialists gather together around an artwork.

The encounters in Artworks for… coalesce around the idea of how to imagine the museum through the objects it holds – the particular museum hosting After 1968, with its specific nature and history; and the museum in general, as an institution that creates a narrative of the present by storing objects from the past for the future.

Artworks for… is built on the premise that all artworks have the capacity to interpellate. An artwork answers to the specific moment of its contemplation and is able to produce interruptions and caesurae that give rise to moments of close attention.

27 November 2018
Homage to Malevich (Jorge Oteiza, 1957-1983) and EAE. Action. The Museum (EAE, Euskal Artisten Elkartea, 1983-2001)
María Luisa Fernández and Beatriz Herráez

18 December 2018
Pilgrimages for a New Economy (Erlea Maneros Zabala, 2007-2012)
Erlea Maneros Zabala and José Díaz Cuyás 

22 January 2019
Peeing in Public and Private Spaces (Itziar Okariz, 2000-2004)
Itziar Okariz and Chus Martínez

19 February 2019
Mallarmé revisé o Malarmado revisado (Esther Ferrer, 1968)
Esther Ferrer and Laurence Rassel

26 March 2019
Risveglio/The Awakening (Nemesio Mogrobejo, 1903)
Mikel Eskauriaza and Asier Mendizabal

9 April 2019
Bilbao Song (Peter Friedl, 2010)
Ismael Manterola and Leire Vergara

Tuesday, 7 pm Auditorium or exhibition halls at teh Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.
Entry free of charge, limited seating. Invitations available at the museum box office starting the Monday before each session.

Artworks for… is a collaborative project between Bulegoa z/b and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.