Posts From the yearly archives: "2019"
  • Elena Aitzkoa: Inner sleeve of record cover for Paraíso Terrenal (2019)

  • Marwa Arsanios: Who is Afraid of Ideology? (2019)

  • Marwa Arsanios: Who is Afraid of Ideology? (2019)

Elena Aitzkoa and Marwa Arsanios present two projects: Paraíso terrenal (Earthly Paradise), and Who is Afraid of Ideology? within Display Series. Display Series is one of the lines in our programming and focuses on exhibition formats and installation. Our aim is to create encounters where both local and international artists can show their work…(Read More)

Please come and take a stroll with me. A stroll down memory lane of 1990s exhibition making How did we get from the spirit of the smallest events –i.e. self-organised evenings of discourse and art– to a concept of exhibition making that informed a large-scale exhibition a decade later? And can any…(Read More)

Venue: Centro Municipal San Francisco. Plaza Corazón de María s/n, 48003-Bilbao A Session on Love, Oceans and the Emergence of Affective Political Thought is part of the conference Young People, Well-Being, Resilience and Enterprise: Critical Perspectives for the Anthropocene. The conference takes place at the Bizkaia Aretoa (University of the…(Read More)

  • "Dark Matter Cinema Tarot" - Bombay Nocturnal Committee at CAMP, 2018

Dark Matter Cinema Tarot. A Nocturnal Committee in Bilbao. Session proposed by Leire Vergara and Pablo Marte. In conceiving the DMC Tarot, Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson have replaced the Major and Minor Arcana with a selection of still images drawn from cinematic memory. No longer tied to the symbolism of the classical tarot, the…(Read More)

(1) Demonstration by "Haben und Brauchen (to have and to need)" in front of the city hall in Berlin, 2012. (2) Graffiti on gallery entrance in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, 2015.

Art, Manifest(o)ing is a workshop led by Ines Schaber. It is the second encounter of Space is The Place/The Place is Space. The structure of the program takes the shape of periodical encounters. It aims to analyse the role of art as a critical practice which offers tools for stopping, looking and…(Read More)

9-10 July, 2019 at Azkuna Zentroa. The Papers of the Exhibition (1977-2017) is a collaborative project between Bulegoa z/b and Azkuna Zentroa which aims to study certain exhibitions that took place between 1977 and 2017 and their relationship with the ideas of the ensayo, that is, the essay and the rehearsal. To…(Read More)

Taking the “Post-Studio” course taught by Michael Asher at California Institute of the Arts from 1976-2008 as a model, this Post-Studio kritt klass second edition will take place between June 27 and July 25, 2019. The participants will present a finished artwork and engage in an exhaustive critique by the group. With…(Read More)

SUMMER SOLSTICE The Summer Solstice is a group celebration involving different spaces in the Bilbao district of Solokoetxe. We’ve been holding it since 2015. PROGRAMME: Friday, 19/06/21 21:00. Modo condicional, yo esperaría, Sara Padilla Grimalt (Bulegoa z/b). 22:00. Killing Time, Ainize Sarasola, 2018, 70’ (Bulegoa z/b). Saturday…(Read More)