“P.H. Machine: From the Floor, a Point of View”. Pedro G. Romero


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P.H. Machine is a continuum of works, research projects and creation concerning popular culture, especially flamenco, which has been under development in a systematic way since the mid-1990s, above all in Andalusia. P.H. Machine is also a space, a place where shifts in perspective can be produced that put into question the social and political role adjudicated to the popular, the people, what is below, giving back to them autonomy, discourse and their characteristic manners. Finally, P.H. Machine is an experiment on what is common, in which collective, communitarian creations can be seen to appear and disappear: “things” that hardly have a name.

Pedro G. Romero
Pedro G. Romero (Aracena, 1964) has worked as an artist since 1985. He forms part of PRPC (Plataforma de Reflexión de Políticas Culturales – Platform for Reflection on Cultural Policies) in Seville and is a member of the content team of UNIA arteypensamiento. Since 2007, he has directed the project de rasgos árabes… (Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, San Salvador and México D.F). Since the late 90s he has been working on the “F. X. Archive” (http://www.fxysudoble.org/) and “P.H. Machine”.