Opening of the research project by Sara Cattin at the end of her residency at Bulegoa z/b. Her proposal Maintenance of What? A place, a thing, an idea. Part III was selected for residency along with Hacia con el brazo (MURO) by Mònica Planes in our 2022 open call. The jury was comprised by Isabel de Naverán (research, curator, editor and writer), Jorge Satorre (artist) and the members of Bulegoa z/b.

Maintenance of What? A place, a thing, an idea. Part III
Maintenance of What? is a project started in 2018, in Piemonte (Italy), as a broad research on the context of nomadic pastoralism and its powerful engagement with the maintenance of natural resources throughout extended geographies. During the residency in Bulegoa z/b I continued the project by focusing on my role within the encounter of another context. I have been meeting shepherds and researchers active in different territories. Through their words, lands, tools and experiences I had been mapping their particular connection with material practices that travel between shepherding, academic research, art, and rural forms of activism.

Sara Cattin is an art worker living in Turin (IT) operating through multidisciplinary practice in visual, participatory and/or performative projects linked to rural geographies and subjects. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) and developed an independent approach to critical studies at the Dutch Art Institute (MA in Art Praxis). In between the experiences in the field of production and management, since 2021, she is a tutor in the AIR residency programme of Accademia UNIDEE, at Fondazione Pistoletto, in collaboration with ArtEZ (NL); since 2023, she is the community referent for CROSS Project in the Lake Orta area, in the field of performing arts. Since 2020, she organizes Isterika Istorika, reading and research horizontal club engaging with feminist and transfeminist sci-fi, establishing connections with other spaces such as BACO (IT). Since 2021, she has worked with independent organizations, on experimental didactic artistic projects of mapping and perception of the environment (Resta Qui Airlines).