The (Pandemic) Counter-imaginaries Group, made up of Jesús Arpal Moya (La caníbal SCCL), Nancy Garín Guzmán and Antoine Silvestre (Spectra of the urban phenomenon), investigates counter-imaginaries that challenge the narratives imposed by the political regime of the pandemic using the perspective of “catastrophe production”. We propose gaming as a collective space for investigation, for a joint thinkfeeldo.

The role-playing board game *Teng-, currently in the developmental stage, aims to open a space for the political imagination in a critical form. The tables receive a series of cards with images that suggest possible “events”, which each table interprets collectively, and which it must “welcome” with another card interpreted in the form of an answer to the question that opens the event. With each interpretation, each answer, each table constructs an autonarrative that could, however, become a symbolic prison if it is not checked and contrasted with other possibilities. For that purpose, the tables can exchange perspectives through an exchange of emissaries. Each table registers its process in a narrative that we will share and comment on when the game ends. During the subsequent round of drinks there will be a session of listening to critical proposals for improving the game.

To take part in the game, write to

Jesús Arpal Moya has been a member of the Equipo Jeleton along with Gelen Alcántara since 1999, a team for renegotiating visual, literary, sound repertoires; and a member-worker of La caníbal SCCL, a cultural production cooperative for social transformation.

Nancy Garín Guzmán is an independent journalist, researcher and curator. Her projects are related to critical thought, new forms of pedagogy, archives, memory and decolonialism. She has been a member of the Etcétera collective, The Errorist International and the group Península: Colonial processes and artistic and curatorial practices. She is a member of the Equipo re research and production platforms, with which she has been developing the project AIDS Anarchive and Spectra of the urban phenomenon, a project that is concerned with the urban phenomenon as part of the colonial and capitalist machinery.

Antoine Silvestre is an architect and philosopher. His field of work and research focuses on the relations between city, capitalism and urban development within the inherited framework of the European world system and modern liberal democracies. His other lines of work and research are technology and possible vanishing points, critical uses and production of collectiveness. His activity includes architectural design, stage design and web platform design, pedagogical workshops and the publication of critical essays. Examples are the workshop Deriva colectiva_Hacking urbano (Buenos Aires-Barcelona, 2018) and the resulting video piece, exhibition design and architecture for the Etcétera collective at the São Paulo Art Biennial (Brazil, 2014), the Museo Serralves (2015) and the Cumbre La Criatura (Argentina, 2018). He is a member of the group Spectra of the urban phenomenon.

The development of the game of *teng- is part of the research residency of the (Pandemic) Counter-imaginaries Group Santa Mònica, Barcelona.