Radio Guerrilla workshop


October 25-26, 2017

Radio Guerrilla is a node that works towards innovating, experimenting and disseminating collaborative methodology in citizen-based media and free radio. For EL CONTRATO, they propose a two-day “performative” action in which a team of people will set up a guerrilla radio broadcasting node, based on a new paradigm in media communication which positions citizens as active agents in the delivery of information. The action will cover the setting up of the guerrilla group, the scriptwriting, production, recording and streaming of a one-hour podcast which will look at the different ideas behind “the contract.”

The action will be carried out by three teams, working on technical aspects, scriptwriting and broadcasting respectively. Groups will use horizontal strategies and techniques to coordinate their work and bring it together at the final podcasting and streaming stage. The podcast will be made available on digital networks and incorporated into the exhibition with Jeleton’s Mari- Fenix Irratia.

“Maybe we’ll be lucky and someone will hear.
Maybe we’ll be even luckier and they’ll be outraged.
Maybe even luckier still and the outraged will act.”
Subcomandante Marcos, 2014

Date: 25 – 26 October.

Time: Saturday, 10.00 – 14.00, 16.00 – 20.00. Sunday, 10.00 – 14.00

Venue: AlhóndigaBilbao Exhibition Hall.

Participants: 15

Requirements: Open to the general public; no previous knowledge required.

Software will be provided by Radio Guerrilla. Bringing your laptop is a good idea if you have one, but not obligatory.
Financial assistance is available for people who live outside the city and do not have their own means of transport. Those wishing to apply for it should explain their reasons for doing so in the ‘Observations’ field of the registration form.