“Lesson Twelve: Translation”. Ion Munduate


Translation is the title of my current research project. The practice of this research is located in the intersection of different intentions within the framework of performances by three artists. The limited framework of the three pieces, and the action of revisiting them, aim to liberate new spaces for working in. The three performances are Water Walk (1960) by John Cage, Locus (1975) by Trisha Brown, and Organic Honey’s Visual Telephaty (1972) by Joan Jonas. I chose them because of the gestures of identity that occur in them, as well as strategies that come into play in their realisation – aside from many other things I could mention pertaining to context, execution and analysis and to their signification within performance history. I suggest that there is a need to revisit these works through their internal elements in order to carry out the following intentions as tools: penetrating through form, finding a fixed position within different grounds, and setting up a strategy. I work on approaches to the three performances, and on notions of annotation, towards a score; that is, a form of annotation whose aim is not to capture the meaning or execution of the original performance, but rather the singularity of suggesting the birth of something.

To take part in this activity, which will take place between 10.00 and 14.00, contact us at bulegoa@bulegoa.org

Ion Munduate is an artist. He trained in Donostia-San Sebastian, Madrid and Paris. In 1994 he met Blanca Calvo, a choreographer, and started working with her. Together, they made Mármara (1994) MMMM (1995) and Sangre grande (1996). In 1998 he took part in Ángel Bados and Txomin Badiola’s second workshop at Arteleku, and this led him to start working on his own pieces: GoGo, Caja Roja y lucía con zeta (1999), Boj de largo (FlyBall) (2000), ASTRA TOUR (2003-2004), BAT, Beautiful Animals Trying (2006), Extras de artificio (2007), and Sin título, en colores (2010), which have been presented at different museums, theatres and festivals in Europe. Since 1998 he and Blanca Calvo have been co-directing Mugatxoan, a project focusing on forms of practice and projects between choreography, performance and the visual arts (www.mugatxoan.org). Munduate has directed different workshops and worked as an advisor and art assistant on several pieces by young artists.