• Hype. Installation view.

  • The Most Dramatic Panda EVER. Live recital by M. Benito Píriz on the closing day of the exhibition (2021/10/28).

Hype: The Most Dramatic Panda EVER by M. Benito Píriz is an exhibition held in the context of Material Voices: Feminist genealogies of the work of making exhibitions.

Opening: October 8, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

Opening hours for Hype: October 15, 16, 22 & 23 from 4:30 to 8:30 pm.

The Most Dramatic Panda EVER. Live recital by M. Benito Píriz on the closing day of the exhibition: October 28, 8:00 pm.


Hype is a dispositif set up for the Bulegoa z/b space which will function as an exhibition, to be activated on its closing day with a spoken intervention, The Most Dramatic Panda EVER. Tarpaulins printed with a text, “If I had that body we wouldn’t argue”, which belong to the queerest part of my work.

The intervention is a live recital with autotune in which I look for a new sound for oral poetry. In it, I break away from the closed tradition of the poetry recital and search for a more enticing idea for this generation, who have lost our interest in recitals and readings out of pure boredom. Feelings of anxiety and depression arise, which I frequently see in my friendships, on TV, in the music I listen to, especially in people from my own generation, and on Internet. I’m more influenced by reality shows than by other poets. Electronic devices are fetishized and there’s a tendency towards self-destruction and a mockery of our own failures. All of this in the sad, nostalgic tone of autotune, which I see as the sound of my generation. Autotune has become a way of feeling ourselves.

M. Benito-Píriz (Durango, 1992), obtained their degree in Fine Arts at the Universidad del País Vasco (2014) and a Masters in Artistic Investigation and Creation (2015). They work with different disciplines, including sculpture, video, audio and writing. They were awarded first prize at Getxoarte 2019, have taken part in the Ertibil itinerant exhibition three times, were selected for Soplo: arnasketa saiakerak (2012), won third prize in the Muestra de Arte Joven, La Rioja (2017), and participated in Xena (Harriak programme by Eremuak). They have been the receiver of the Fundación Bilboarte grants, as well as the Bizkaia/Babestu Regional Government grants with Azkuna Zentroa and others at Horcasitas Jauregia (Balmaseda) and Matadero (Madrid).

Material Voices: Feminist Genealogies of the Work of Making Exhibitions is supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives (FFAI), New York.