Artist encounter coinciding with a visit by Curating Positions: Nostalgia For The Light: Struggles’ Reverberations in Cinema, a study group from the Dutch Art Institute Masters in Art Praxis. During a day-long session, 17 artists presented their work in answer to the question of how to develop a space for sharing through their practises. The group was comprised of members of the DAI study group and a number of local artists.

This encounter reproduced the methodology for presentations we developed in First Lesson in April 2011 with the group Affect / Production, directed by If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution and the artist and tutor Phil Collins. First Lesson gave birth to Lessons, which is part of EGB. The series aims to provide a space for one or various artists to share their work processes.

Presentations made by: Lucas Lugarinho Braga, Ane Berganza, Miyoung Chang, Elena Aguado, Laura Dubourjar, Miren Candina, Elisa Giuliano, Aizpea de Atxa, Maud Gyssels, Alba Rúa, Chiara Pagano, Julia Martos, Iga Swiesciak, Silvia Coppola, Lau Ten Zeldam, Alejandra Pombo Su and Imanol Abad.