Illegal_cinema, 77 session. Season opens with new coordinator


Screening of Détruire dit-elle (Marguerite Duras, 1969).
Session proposed by Pablo Marte Illegal_Cinema’s new coordinator.

Write. Film. Destroy

Above all, write.

And filming what is written. There is violence in the space that opens and closes between text and image. There is dependence and a complex relationship. An ancient one. Because writing plays with expectations and filming is something like seeing them die. Not as a disappointment, though, because in the film a particular, extraordinary beauty grows; in a different way. A kind of exhaustion, perhaps.

Destroying: between words and image is a love story where the lovers, who know from the start that they speak different languages, finally discover they don’t know each other. That’s the end. The end of it all. Until then they believed and trusted that something bound them together, their knowledge of one another, a certain intimacy. But it turns out they didn’t. Both of them are surprised by this final truth of not knowing each other.

Pablo Marte (Cádiz, 1975). I would describe my artistic practice as lexicographical. I care about the etymology of things and images no less than their meaning; the grammar of facts and occurrences no less than the sources of them; the language of ethics no less than the phonetics of it. And about love no less than all this. I’ve often worked together with others and truly, deeply enjoyed it. But I write in solitude. The solitude of writing is like the ideal world where the waves of revolutions beat against the shore.