• Photo: Joel Englund

Presentation of Building. Methodologies for An Incipient Architecture, a project by Camila Téllez carried out during her residency in Bulegoa z/b in June – July 2018.

Wherever we go, we carry with us the space of our own intimacy, a protohabitation. An unknown space inside our own body, but also the space immediately surrounding us. Sometimes the latter space can extend up to several metres away from us, like the electromagnetism of our hearts, which can apparently reach a diameter of up to five metres. Intimacy is a highly physical, flexible, yet invisible space that adapts –sometimes more, sometimes less– to the places we cohabit. Places where different intimacies relate to one another are superimposed and interwoven. So that my intimacy is no longer mine alone, or yours only yours; we’ve already met one another on the edges of each and a third intimacy emerges from us, even a fifth or a seventh.

During my time as a resident in Bulegoa z/b, we, a group of voices, have built 2nd or 3rd Floor, a complexity made up of different shared spaces, “five-minute rooms”, which are superimposed and meet each other. Our tools for constructing them are the gaze, speech, and the space each of these gives rise to. Recorded material will be used as a basis for the collective performance of 2nd or 3rd in which several different voices become present.

Performers: Ibon Salvador, Eloisse Louisse, Olatz Otalora and Camila Téllez.

My thanks to the participants: Elena Aitzkoa, Myriam Petralanda, Catherine Foulkrod, Usue Arrieta, Maia Villot, Andreas Wutz, Olatz Otalora, Claudia Lorenzo, Miren Jaio, Marion Cruza, Aitor Izagirre, Leire Ugalde and Ibon Salvador.

Special thanks to other residencies that complete this project: Rosa Casado and Luis Fernández, La Casa del Burro, Residencia artística en Peroblasco, La Rioja; Joel Englund, DAS art residency, Klämmesudden, Väddö / Island, Sweden.


Camila Téllez (Santiago, CL, 1982). Lives in Bilbao. Her work is transdisciplinary and investigates performance through writing, photography, drawing, the spaces she inhabits, and invisible relationships with the audience and public in proposals that mediate with different places.

Téllez has been a resident artist at Bilboarte, Bilbao (2016). She took part in Kalostra Eskola, Donostia-San Sebastián (2015), having studied the MA in Arts Practice and Visual Culture, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía/Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid (2013). Other residencies include Berlín, PAStudies #27|Performance Art Studio (2012). She studied Visual Arts at the Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago de Chile (2004), where she was a professor of Drawing and Art Theory (2004-2013). She has also published in art magazines (Artishock, Arte&Crítica y Escáner Cultural).

Other related projects from 2018: 8 habitaciones (Eremuak Bi Dos Two, exhibition at Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao); MIRADOR Centro de Investigación (Prototipoak. International encounter of new forms in art, Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao).