This drawing workshop led by Raúl Domínguez is one of the activities in our 2022-2023 programme Space is the Place / The Place is Space, which aims to analyse the role of art as a critical practice which provides us with tools for stopping, looking and situating ourselves in the world, and helps to generate situations and ways of living and producing space. Structured as periodical encounters, the programme is carried out in different forms such as workshops, presentations, reading sessions, walks, actions in different territories and art productions.

Before we start drawing there is a silence where we are released from our daily inertia.

Drawing means entering into another living time, where we need to be present and our bodies implicated. Living the image rather than passively receiving it.

To arrive at a true encounter with things we first need to create a space of possibility where some time things can be turned upside down. Throwing what we already see and know into a crisis. Entering meaninglessness and then coming out of it.

Drawing means we can reorder, we can change things and ideas around. An equanimous gaze that will give the same attention to the first thing we notice as to what goes unnoticed, perhaps because of its obviousness. To draw is to look again. From a different place to a different distance.

This workshop proposes going into drawing through a door of our own. Through direct experience, with hope and curiosity.

Drawing is for everyone. We’ll forget the notion of drawing as a skill that must be learnt in order to reflect the appearance of the visible world, or to give a form to a pre-imagined mental figure. Instead of drawing to show what we already see, we will draw as a living process of discovery, to renew our amazement at what we thought we already knew.

Through a series of exercises that intend to sidestep inertia and drawing conventions, we will access the development of an image seeking to appear from beneath our own selves and desires. We will have time to think about our own relationship to images and how by experiencing it, we can cause a shift in our conception of reality and our place in it.

Workshop participants: Txabi Angulo, Pedro Canive, Conchi Carazo, Jesús Cardaño, Teo Delgado, Maribel Ochoa de Alda, Marga Parriel, Feli Ruiz Díez, Edurne Sagarna, Jaime Val Sáez, Javier Vicario.

Raúl Domínguez (Barakaldo, 1984) is an artist whose work focused on drawing.  He currently combines art with scientific illustration, design and teaching. Recent exhibitions include Palabra de conejo, Galería Carreras Múgica (Bilbao); Es ir a, Galería Pelaires, Palma de Mallorca; Ambergris, Carbones Lorences (Madrid), Re-Ilustrazioa (with Ángela Palacios) curated by Oier Etxeberria, Fundación Cristina Enea (Donostia-San Sebastián); First thought best, curated by Peio Aguirre, Beatriz Herráez and Itziar Okariz, ARTIUM (Vitoria-Gasteiz); Gabinete Abstracto, sala rekalde (Bilbao); and Otzan (group exhibition), Galería Elba Benítez (Madrid).