• Leo Burge: Destiny (2022). Ink on paper.

In our third edition of Display Series, we present Destiny by Leo Burge and Support Matrix / Trace and Touch, by Tina Gverović. Display Series is a thread in our programming focusing on exhibition and installation formats. Our aim is to create a space for encounter where different local and international artists at varying stages of their careers, whose practices have evolved in differing environments, etc. may show their work at the Bulegoa z/b space. 

25/03/2022, 7 pm


Opening hours:
Thursday–Saturday, 4:30-8:30 pm, excepting 14, 15 and 16 April.


I had a dream where two of the most virile people I know were standing facing me. We were in a domestic area in a natural landscape. I could see the sea under some cliffs, medium height or tall, at the foot of which there were waves that weren’t quite breaking, or at least not with the strength I would have liked. Strangely, far away, the same waters were moving in the opposite direction, escaping from us and breaking on the other shore that we could see from where we were. I couldn’t understand how the ocean’s force could be moving both ways and dissociating like that. I wondered where we were. If we were on a group of islands it might be easier to explain what was happening. We must have been in a cove on some island not far off from mainland, where the waves would surely be breaking hard, but who knows.


There is a surge, a gust, an unstoppable flow of fabric ascending in wave-like forms. The work is affected by gravity but also resists this gravity through being suspended, elevated above the ground as if caught mid-flow. Interconnected bodies are falling and/or balancing, re-articulating ways to support one another, holding each-other up, preventing another from falling through reciprocal support. The bodies are covered, semi-sheltered by folds. What sort of support might we need from each-other, or might we offer to one-another in the current context? Here there are forms of support between materials, different types of materials supporting one-another, and there are outlines of bodies engaged in acts of balancing and tension that constitutes support but also dependency.


Leo Burge (London, 1991). I studied Fine Art at UPV-EHU (Bilbao), KABK (The Hague) and Kalostra (San Sebastián). My work bridges drawing, sculpture and painting through the real spaces where these become present. My main focus is on inventing an artistic language contingent on the here and now of creating. I use a personal amalgam of material, images and text. Exhibitions include Metofam (2020) and Petal (2018), Galería Carreras-Múgica (Bilbao), and others at Halfhouse (Barcelona), Feria Estampa (Madrid), Sala Torre de Ariz, sala rekalde, Gio Bat, Galería Cosmos (Bilbao) and Showroom Mamma (Rotterdam). I have published texts such as La casa al borde de la soledad, Eremuak#6 and Contando Sílabas for Loa Ots, CentroCentro (Madrid), and have contributed to Otro Family Plot (2015) and Primer Proforma (2009) as well as writing texts parallel to my own exhibitions.

Tina Gverović works with installation, drawing, painting, sound, text and video. Her work – often in the form of immersive, disorientating installations – explores the economy and history of materials. One of the key questions in her work is where lies the potential of the political vision and re-invention? She finished MA at Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht and holds a doctorate from Middlesex University in London. Her work was recently shown as part of the Folkestone Triennial, 57thVenice Biennial, Corner DC, WKV Stuttgart, Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg, Trigon – Post Environment in Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien Graz, Suzhou Documents – Biennial, Tate Modern, and Busan Biennial. Her public art commission conceived in collaboration with Ben Cain was recently installed in The University of Reading Campus. She held teaching posts at Camberwell College of Arts, Slade School of Arts, Dutch Art Institute Roaming Academy, and WHW Academy in Zagreb.