• Photo of Illegal_cinema, session 89 (2020/11/15).

  • Photo of Illegal_cinema, session 89 (2020/11/15).

Dates: between January 15 and February 15 2021.

Illegal_Cinema is a living space – but how do we carry on doing it and thinking about it right now? How do we create the conditions for a group of people to share the experience of watching a film together?


In January 2021, Bulegoa z/b open our application process for the position of Illegal_Cinema coordinator. Programme coordination will begin in March 2021 and end in October 2022 to be handed over to a new applicant.

Tasks include accompanying the person proposing the film in conceiving and organising the session and the discussion following the screening. Each session is offered to the audience as a collective screening event. Illegal_Cinema focuses on the here and how of the screening, its artistic potential, and on how to build a shared experience with the audience.

This is our second open call for a coordinator for Illegal_Cinema. So far, each of the coordinators, who have all been artists, have contributed their particular style and manner of understanding film, illegality and collective experience through their own specific practice. The programme has been coordinated by Jorge Núñez, Cristian Villavicencio, Leire San Martín, Marion Cruza Le Bihan, Ainara Elgoibar and Pablo Marte, in chronological order.

Proposals will be selected by a jury comprised of Pablo Marte, who has coordinated our sessions from September 2018 to November 2020, and Irantzu Sanzo, artist and participant in Illegal_Cinema.


Bulegoa z/b has been hosting Illegal_Cinema since December 2010, soon after the opening of our space. 89 sessions have been held to date, and Bilbao is the only city where the programme continues to run. Illegal_Cinema was conceived in Belgrade in 2007 by Marta Popivoda, a member of TkH (Walking Theory) and has also been run at other venues in Zagreb, Istanbul, Paris and Berlin and other cities.

Illegal_Cinema works simply. Somebody proposes a screening at Bulegoa z/b and commits to encouraging the discussion that will lead from the film with the programme coordinator.

Over the ten years of our existence, Illegal_Cinema has made its contribution to how we work here. But what is it? In the words of the coordinators of our sessions:

“Cine_Ilegal works simply. Someone proposes a film. This can be any kind of audiovisual document except for the person’s own work (…). We get together. There’s a presentation and then we watch what they have proposed as we should. At the end of the screening, we have enthusiastic conversations about it.” [Pablo Marte, Illegal_Cinema coordinator for Bulegoa z/b, September 2018 – November 2020]

“At Illegal_Cinema, we watch films and talk about them. (…) Everyone is invited to take part and learn together.”
[Ainara Elgoibar, Illegal_Cinema coordinator for Bulegoa z/b, October 2016-January 2018]

“Illegal_Cinema is an open, (self-)educational project for exchanging and contextualising something undefined: illegal cinema.”
[Jorge Núñez, Illegal_Cinema coordinator for Bulegoa z/b, March 2011-February 2012]

“Illegal_Cinema is a framework/situation where we talk about the audiovisual and its forms and texts. (…) We are interested in the relationship between text and context, and how aesthetics becomes ethics.”
[Cristian Villavicencio, Illegal_Cinema coordinator for Bulegoa z/b, March 2012-June 2013]

“Illegal_Cinema is a way of thinking, of making mistakes and thinking again about what we consider to be illegal in the context of film. Illegal_Cinema is a medium which allows a varied group of people to come together under the light of the projector and give the term itself a meaning. Illegal_Cinema is always circumstantial.”
[Leire San Martín, Illegal_Cinema coordinator for Bulegoa z/b, July 2013-December 2014]

“Illegal_Cinema is run in an office at street level in the Solokoetxe district in Bilbao. We understand the sessions (…) to be a way of furthering other kinds of production of knowledge and discourse between people who aren’t necessarily film specialists. (…) Illegal_Cinema changes, grows and follows a different direction in each proposed session.”
[Marion Cruza Le Bihan, Illegal_Cinema coordinator for Bulegoa z/b, 2015-September 2016]



– 10-12 sessions of Illegal_Cinema will be run  from March 2021 to October 2022.
– The coordinator’s tasks are to accompany the person who proposes the film in conceiving and organising the session, and in encouraging the discussion following the screening.
– Screening proposals have two sole conditions: the proponents of the session will not show work of their own, and will commit to encouraging discussion with the audience.


– Applications will be received between January 15 and February 15 2021.
– The jury’s decision will be announced on 1 March 2021.


– Short letter of motivation and coordination proposal (PDF, 1 page maximum).
– CV.
– Contact details (email, telephone number).
– All information to be submitted online via the application form at
– All documents must be submitted as a single PDF file titled NAME_SURNAME_CINE_ILEGAL.PDF


Proposals will be selected by a jury whose members are Pablo Marte and Irantzu Sanzo.


1800 € (before tax).

    Attach your proposal + CV in PDF, group all the documents in a single file with a maximum of 5Mb

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