In session 4 of our Permanent Ordinary Seminar, Señoras hasta el coño, Lorena Ruiz Marcos and Begoña Marugán Pintos will be presenting Reflexiones ordinarias desde la hartura laboral (en tiempos de Covid). Permanent Ordinary Seminar is a public collaborative programme by Bulegoa z/b and Sociología Ordinaria which will run in 2020 and 2021 via face-to-face and online conversations and meetings.

The ‘80s opened up discussion in sociology on the end of labour. Since then, the issue of work has been left out of discussions, education and social protest… The subject of work seems to generate very few ideas, except when employees find themselves in danger of losing their positions or are fired; public discussion focuses on subjectivity, as if that were not also a product of material conditions. With or without the pandemic, our working life is, ontologically speaking, a piece of shit. Abusive conditions and practices that harm and sicken us, leaving us exposed to uncertainties and financial instability which also destabilises our lives. And no, the global pandemic is not some kind of opportunity, so Manolo, please fuck off and stop bringing all your ideas to the office for me to do the work on.

In this session we want to descend into the material conditions of life because we can’t just live off the air we breathe. Not glamorous; but we’ll be talking on the material aspects of work and work on material things. We’ll bring up all kinds of situations, like bills that get swallowed up in black holes, hierarchical horizontality; cronies in suits, or those silly things called “contracts”. Because what do we live on? What puts food in our mouths? And how does it affect our lives? We’ll put these and other questions out and think together about what we can do, how we can carry on. Some people call it good practices. We call it Enough.

To take part in this session in person or online please contact bulegoa@bulegoa.org

You Tube: https://youtu.be/D_uVL4Lu3ek

Señoras hasta el coño. Women who can’t fucking take any more of work (and other things too). We tell stories of our shitty working life, even if we have to go underground to do it. We made a fanzine and it had its followers, where we told our favourite jokes about work in cultural and collaborative scenarios. We were threatening to write a second chapter. Or maybe not.

Lorena Ruiz Marcos. Doctor of Sociology, Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Explores areas relating to the social dimension of health. From 2014-2018 she was cultural mediator and person in charge of the Medialab Prado Laboratory for Citizen Innovation. As a result of that experience she is currently a trainer and consultant on citizen laboratories and cooperative public and social processes.

Begoña Marugán Pintos. Associate professor of Sociology of Work and Sociology of Gender, Universidad Complutense, Madrid; Assistant to Women’s Secretariat of Comisiones Obreras (Workers’ Commissions). Has carried out two main lines of research and education: one on living conditions and work of sea people, the other on gender, focusing on labour/work and violence against women.

This event is supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives (FFAI), New York.