Très bien éclairé. Arantxa Martínez


“For the last five years, I’ve been looking at notions of the image and visual language, because they take you to the body and its capacity to perform. These ideas give me a way to think about the body and performing or staging at the same time. I’ve been working in my research and creative work until now with Lola Rubio, an artist trained in the Feldenkrais method. I made the piece The Present (2011) with her, and in Très bien éclairé, we open up new questions around the relationship between light and the body. Like many artist’s, our work has always been done at the edges of the independent scene, with meagre resources and little visibility. This kind of economy has defined our contract with art, shaping a particular, invented methodology of appropriation and production.”

Très bien éclairé will take place in the AlhóndigaBilbao exhibition space. The event is part of the programme of activities for EL CONTRATO, a collaborative project between Bulegoa z/b and AlhóndigaBilbao running between 2 October 2014 and 11 January 2015.

More information:

Arantxa Martínez (Madrid, 1975) is a dancer and choreographer who has been based in Berlin since 2003. She trained in ballet and contemporary dance in Madrid, and at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier in 1999. Her work deals with processes of identification and exchange between the body and its surroundings, and she investigates the role of performativity in relation to this. Recent works: Emisiones Cacatúa. Special Issue (2012), with Nilo Gallego; The Present (2010-2012), with Lola Rubio; Al oeste del Pecos (2007); and Jota, a folk-striptease in 4″ (2007). As a dancer she has worked with Juan Domínguez, Petra Sabisch, Sebastian Blasius, Antonia Baehr, Isabelle Schad, Eszter Salamon and Tino Sehgal.