eskuz idatziak, ahoz josiak (2024-2025)

Eskuz idatziak, ahoz josiak (written by hand, sewn with the voice) is a working group whose final aim is to write, imagine and realize an opera. Over the course of a series of meetings, it will work on the following questions: what does it mean to think collectively, and what is entailed in carrying out actions of reparative justice by means of working with archives. We have invited Rana Hamadeh, an artist who in her practice experiments with the form of the opera and the concept of “operatic labour”, so that she will help us to think together in the working group about that future opera.

Eskuz idatziak, ahoz josiak is the 2024-2025 edition of Space is the Place / The Place is Space. Initiated in 2018, the title of this Bulegoa z/b program paraphrases the 1974 Afrofuturist film by Sun Ra.