Screening of L’Ange (Patrick Bokanowski, 1982, 70 min), proposed by Akane Saraiva and followed by discussion.

Patrick worked on the images and Michèle on the sound. They’re a couple and Michèle was there during all the stages of the film’s making, from the composition to the set to its preliminary sequences. Michèle says she never works on the sound once the films are finished. I find that interesting.

I watched L’Ange for the first and last time in 2019. I found it strange but felt close to it. At the time I was far from home and everything was stimulating, but I remember the film took up a lot of space during that time abroad. So much that I bought the DVD of L’Ange so I could have it and show it to friends at uni when I got back. The dialogue between image and sound is amazing.

Akane Saraiva Rando (Galdames, 1997) coordinates Illegal_cinema. After finishing an art degree, she is dedicating time to making art and studying.