Screening proposed by Enrike Hurtado, followed by discussion.

This session will consist in a screening of selected VHS recordings from TV music programmes made by Enrike and his brothers and sisters from about 1988 to 1996. Home recordings of TV broadcasts on VHS was a normal practice at the time. Although audiovisual material was becoming more widely available, non-mainstream images were still scarce and valuable.

The selection comprises live music recordings, playbacks, music videos and other material by local and international bands. The screening intends to provoke thought about current conditions of access to information and therefore to audiovisual and musical production, in contrast to the moment when the videos were recorded. We will try to avoid a nostalgic or fetishistic view.

“I think I saw pictures of punk rock and imagine what the music must
sound like in my head before I actually heard it. I actually… it kind
of sat in my head for a few months … uh … just as a visual thing
before I actually heard it. I remember that was kind of one particular
example of how … uh … fragments were so precious, you know”. (Alan
Sparhawk, Low)

Enrike Hurtado (Bilbao, 1973) makes strange music using computers and sometimes the electric guitar. He is interested in the meeting point between pop, experimental and contemporary music and art.