Visuals and DJ session proposed by Liam McDonnell and Itziar Garaluce, with discussion.

Hip Hop fragments:
Guru: Peace Brother Elijah

Elijah Shabazz: Hey peace Guru, how you doing?

Guru: I’m maintaining, just been thinking though man
About the situation for today’s youth man, the seeds man
What’s your opinion on that?

Elijah Shabazz: Mmm that’s strange I was thinkin the same thing
Something I read in the holy Qur’an how it says
“Has thou seen him who belies religion?
That is one who is rough, to the orphan.”
And no matter what we say our religion is
Whether it’s Islam, Christianity, Juddaism, Buddha-ism, Old School-ism or New School-ism
If we’re not schooling the youth WITH wisdom
Then the sins of the father will visit the children
And that’s not keepin it real…
That’s keeping it – *WRONG*

Gang Starr – Robbin Hood Theory

To participate in the session, write to

maximum of 20 people.

Liam McDonnell (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1998), is a graduate in Audiovisual Communication with the Universidad del País Vasco, a multi-disciplinary artist whose principal media are photography, film and music. Liam has had several exhibitions in the Basque Country and screenings of his work since his graduation. His work revolves around permeability and the visualisation of human emotions, and explores the links between different artistic disciplines.

Itziar Garaluce studied film at CECC, Barcelona. After several years work as a photographer and art director for film projects, she moved to Mexico in 2009, where she developed her career as an artist, focusing on music and animation. Using a combination of visual techniques, she has made music videos and live visual shows for artists such as Mon Laferte, Torreblanca, Oreka TX, Silva de Alegría and many others. In 2016 she began her El Iglú project, which has included a number of immersive audiovisual shows with 360º screenings and live music, with the participation of different musicians and sound artists. These include El Tránsito de Venus, Fragmentos de un espacio infinito and Lo que no se escucha, lo que no se ve. She currently directs SAMA, the Álava Audiovisual Association, which carries out activities aimed at the dissemination and production of culture in the province.