Screening of Working Slowly (Lavorare con lentezza, Guido Chiesa, 2004, 111’), proposed by Silvia Coppola and followed by discussion.

A truthful fragment of Bologna in the 70s and 80s, where workers and student movements were to change the context of the city through associationism, armed revolt and independent radios.

Radio Alice 100.6 came out of this context. Open to all, it caught the attention of the military, and also attracted two young men from the outskirts, Sgualo and Pelo, who dug a tunnel under the city and gradually came into contact with the student movement.

Silvia Coppola (Padua, 1991) graduated in Fine Art at the Florence Academy. She lives in Bilbao and is finishing a Masters in Visual arts in Florence. She had previously studied architecture in Venice, and later developed an interest in performance as a means to investigate the body as a receiver and disseminator of social influences and mechanisms of power. In recent years she has turned her focus to the audiovisual as a medium, exploring and combining different technical areas alone and collectively.