The Summer Solstice is a group celebration involving different spaces in the Bilbao district of Solokoetxe. We’ve been holding it since 2015.

Friday, 19/06/21
21:00. Modo condicional, yo esperaría, Sara Padilla Grimalt (Bulegoa z/b).
22:00. Killing Time, Ainize Sarasola, 2018, 70’ (Bulegoa z/b).

Saturday, 19/06/22
17:30. Photo call (Meraki estudio).
18:00. PRINT PARTY workshop (La Taller-Erredakzioa).
20:00. Flamenco Jam session at Solokoetxe balcony (Safo Eskola). 

MODO CONDICIONAL, YO ESPERARÍA / CONDITIONAL MODE, I’D WAIT (Sara Padilla Grimalt, Super8 film, 6’40’’)

Beginning with this film, I’d like to show something of my current process and open up a conversation on the role of film in art practices, and the use of analogical media today.

Situations of passage, and a defense of slowing time and waiting in this accelerated present, are the themes I use as a bridge for examining the film and photographic mediums.

The positions we hold on what happens to us are our own responsibility. How we direct our attention conditions our perception of reality, and this cannot be objective. I choose to create a place for thinking about a calmer way of approaching what is around us. Capturing images is in itself a way of investigating, as something inherent to the action I experience, and to the fact of filming while I’m alive.

KILLING TIME (Ainize Sarasola, 2018, 70′)
In a city where everything seems to be perfectly normal, a group of people who apparently have nothing in common are trapped in a bar after a mysterious incident. It could be the beginning of a spy film. It is. As a consequence of this incident, the real intentions of these characters will be slowly revealed. There is comedy and absurd humour, in a portrait of what could be a group trapped during a night in any bar in any city: a space and a situation that will reveal their miseries, desires and the dynamics of power. Can black and white be fluoride? Yes, it can.

“One of the main characters of Killing Time, Barbara Thebra, comes from an audiovisual project that I’ve been working on for years, The NewsThe News is composed of several short films that present the same strident and meaningless world. In Killing Time the characters are also completely changeable and disconcerting, hateful and endearing at the same time. And I mix different film genres: comedy, film noir and horror. But at the same time, it is a case of adopting a non-cinematic role and offering a portrait of everyday life with all its contradictions. Totally exaggerated, of course.”

Sara Padilla Grimalt (Mallorca, 1996). Graduate in Fine Arts, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Cuenca, she is currently finishing a Masters in Contemporary Technological and Performance Art at the Basque Country University-UPV/EHU. She analyses different mediums for the photographic and filmic recording of reality.

Ainize Sarasola. Lives and works in Berlin. Began as an artist, later graduating in Fine Arts at the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU). Started making films in 2013. Since then she has made three short films, Tarot Night (2013), The News (2014), and The Real Stardust Oil (2015). In 2018 she made her first feature film, Killing Time. Her film work is impregnated with her other work.  Situated between art and film, her film works are interconnected through their characters, aesthetic and themes.