A selection of animated films (1960s-2000s) to shake up the imaginary, proposed by Raquel Meyers and followed by a discussion.

Storytelling has become a technique for control and power. We seem to no longer have time for story-building, only for anecdotal stories whose function is to feed the social networks with clicks, immediate satisfaction and emotional tourism. What better to combat cynicism and resignation than a dose of animated madness.

Kitty (N. Konstantinov, 1968, Russia, 01:24)
Bambi meets Godzilla (Marv Newland, 1969, US, 01:37)
Suur Tõll (Rein Raamat, 1980, Estonia, 13:44)
Visions of Frank (Taruto Fuyama, 2003, Japan, 05:35)
Facial Recognition (Al Jarnow, 1990s, US, 3:21)
Fantasy (Vincent Collins, 1967, US, 03:09)
Meat Love (Jan Svankmajer, 1989, Czech Republic, 01:07)
The Midnight Parasites (Yōji Kuri, 1972, Japan, 09:50)

Raquel Meyers (Cartagena, 1977) works in a variety of media and defines her practice as expanded typing (KYBDslöjd). A contemporary fairy-tale woven with technology from the past, a Commodore 64 with its blinking vertical teletext lines. A world of mythical creatures and dreamlike adventures where calm and recklessness reign. Frame by frame, symbol by symbol, Meyers creates a descent into Wonderland, where time stands still and chaos reigns.

Her work has been exhibited from 2004 onwards at art centres, galleries and festivals such as Transmediale, LABoral, Xpo Gallery, La Casa encendida, BilbaoArte, iMAL, Liste Art Fair Basel, The Wrong, La Gaîté lyrique, Tokyo Blip Festival, Square Sounds Melbourne, VISION’R, Mapping, CRUCE, Le Shadok, Galerie Charlot, Musée L, LEV, MFRU, BEK and others.