Radical Listening with Agnès Pe on the Solokoetxe Summer Solstice


Radical listening
“Listen to everything all the time and remind yourself when you are not listening” –Pauline Oliveros

Listening extends beyond what we see and beyond our own thoughts. We can listen with our intuition and curiosity – rather than with patterns we repeat –; and go beyond conflicts – decolonize the genre of music or go for the remix –, free ourselves of conditioning and barriers, see things for what they are, with no attachment.

To actively listen is to process sound simultaneously inwardly and outwardly. Active listening allows knowledge of what is happening inside in relation to sounds. The practical modes of Radical Listening come mainly from experimental music and from the field of acoustics. It consists in forming connections through an empathetic effect with what is listened to by focusing on sonic practices and sound in contemporary culture, rethinking our structures of knowledge and creative strategies.

Agnès Pe (Lleida, 1985) works with sound beyond the limits of any musical genre, with an all-or-nothing attitude – bring the house down – using the parameters of lo-fi, seeking new ways of relating to the elements she recomposes.

Pe is a musicologist and self-taught, multi-disciplinary researcher, interested in the uncommon, however it is labelled. Her constant musical investigation has led her into numerous listening sessions in cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City and Bilbao, as part of the Zarata Fest festival of weird music and the like. She currently manages the “Mitt Paté” radio space on Radio On Berlin.


Summer solstice
Bulegoa z/b, La Taller and Puerta, three spaces in the Bilbao district of Solokoetxe, celebrate the beginning of summer together.

11:00-14:00: Radical Listening with Agnès Pe at Bulegoa z/b.
14:30-16:30: Lunch at La Taller.
16:30-18:30: Architectural route through Solokoetxe led by the Garcia de la Torre at La Taller.
19:00: Video workshop screening and Dibujo Radikal (Radikal Drawing) workshop exhibition.

Bulegoa z/b (Solokoetxe, 8) https://bulegoa.org/
La Taller (Zumarraga, 7) http://www.lataller.com/
Puerta (Zabalbide, 17) http://espaciopuerta.wordpress.com
Riot Flesh Studio (Zabalbide 24) https://riotflesh.wordpress.com/