Mark Chandler*

Wall is a Verb

When I understood that Bulegoa z/b planned on ‘launching’ ABQradio with an event on the Summer Solstice it made perfect sense to me to contribute to the festivities in Soloketxe by trying something out I had kicking around my work space as a way of celebrating my time in Bilbao and the neighborhood where Bulegoa z/b has a place.

Wall Object Depiction Event

Having become an artist thinking that attitude is what gets you where and carries you toward, it comes as no surprise to find myself hitting a wall.

Mark Chandler (Frankfurt am Main, 1973) lives and works in Köln.

* The installation will be on show from 11am to 4pm.

Silvia Coppola. 2,988 cubic metres

Silvia Coppola’s proposal is an audio piece, a small intervention based on the sound archive Bulegoa z/b has set up over the eight years we’ve been running. The composition is made up of sound extracts and conversations from different encounters held in our office, and precedes next year’s planned presentation of part of our archive on our web. A sound archive allows privileged access to its themes and contents, but also to the acoustic memory of the space it belongs to, its form and character.

Silvia Coppola (Padua, 1991) graduated in Visual Arts and New Expressive Languages at the Accademia, Florence. She is currently living in Bilbao, where she is studying for a Masters in Contemporary Technological and Performance Art at the Universidad del País Vasco-UPV/EHU, Leioa, and doing an internship at Bulegoa z/b. Coppola studied architecture and came into art through performance as a method of investigation on the body as receiver and disseminator of social influences and power mechanisms. In recent years she has focused more on audiovisual production, exploring and combining different technical areas both individually and collectively. Her work has been exhibited in local and international contexts (Florence, Prato; China).

The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is a group celebration involving different spaces in the Bilbao district of Solokoetxe. We’ve been holding it since 2015.


11:00: Presentation of ABQ Radio Picture Show with interventions by Mark Chandler and Silvia Coppola (Bulegoa z/b)

12:30: Street march and dance (Safo Eskola)

13:30: Performance and vermouth (El Gabinete)

14:30: Lunch (La Taller)

16:30: Fabric recycling workshop (Akyte)

17:30: Paper workshop (El refugio del libro/Taller de Encuadernación) and photo-call (Meraki Estudio)

18:30: Performance talk “Teatro de guerrilla”, Duane Sacchi and Magda de Santos (La Taller) 40’

19:30: Markos Gimeno Vesga: “Show Skizopoziks errezitaldi hitzperimentala” (Erredakzioa) 45´

Spaces: Bulegoa z/b, La Taller, Erredakzioa, El Gabinete, Safo Eskola, El refugio del libro/Taller de Encuadernación, Akyte, Meraki Estudio.