Session with Lara García Díaz on the closure of her residency at Bulegoa z/b. Her proposal Encarnar los umbrales was selected with Envioletá by Javiera de la Fuente in our 2020 call for residents. The jury was comprised by Alejandro Alonso Díaz (curator, director of fluent), Miren Arenzana (artist) and the members of Bulegoa z/b.

The results of the writing workshop on 24 February will be open for public viewing from 16.30 to 20.00, 2-4 March.

To take part in the face-to-face session on 5 March, please contact

CAPACITY: 15 maximum

Encarnar los Umbrales was set up through a writing group. Using thinking on the mechanics of fractures, astrology, and systematic facilitation, writing functions as a collective tool through which to investigate the philosophical concept of “thresholds of sustainability” put forward by Rosi Braidotti. Braidotti considers that sustainability, seen as the art of building thresholds that will allow us to continue the common potentiality, is where recognising the limits of our own bodies’ and subjectivities’ fatigue becomes a crucial issue for changing the relations and connections that sustain us. Although the body should not be understood as a merely biological entity, but as a codified one –“an interface, a threshold, a field of incessant forces into which many different codes are written”– recognising its limits and fractures becomes a moral and political demand for the construction of the common.

We then have to consider what mechanisms can be potentiated by each singularity in such a way that the whole will not explode. This question can be framed within the issues that arose in the writing workshop and were dealt with from a collective, embodied stance. The traces of the workshop can be seen as mechanisms for research in the space of Bulegoa z/b, through which it becomes possible to shape and confabulate future enunciations.

Lara García Díaz is a social theoretician, co-founder of the feminist cultural collective Larre and researcher at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (University of Antwerp). Her work addresses the politics of precarity in relation to cultural practices in the commons through feminist theory and theories of caring. Lara has contributed to books such as What’s the Use (Valiz, 2016), Commonism (Valiz, 2018), La cuestión es ir tirando (La Fábrica, 2019), and Textus (PAAC, 2020) as well as academic and cultural magazines including Frame (Utrecht University, 2017), Arte y Políticas de la Identidad (Universidad de Murcia, 2018), PUBJournal (Sandberg University, 2019), Terremoto (México, 2020) and Vesper (Universidad de Venecia, 2020). As a cultural researcher, she has taken part in Mostra Internazionale di Architettura (Venice, 2018), Integrated (Antwerp, 2019), Oslo Biennial (Oslo, 2019), Zona MACO (Mexico City, 2020), and the Bangkok Biennial (Thailand, 2021).