Presentation by Javiera de la Fuente for her residency at Bulegoa z/b. Envioletá, her proposal, was selected together with Lara García Díaz’s Encarnar los umbrales in our call for residents for 2020. Members of the jury were Miren Arenzana (artist), Alejandro Alonso Díaz (curator and director of fluent) and the members of Bulegoa z/b.

There is a moment in the early musical career of Violeta Parra when, urged by Nicanor, her brother and guide, she dedicated herself to the Spanish genre of the forties, even winning a dance and Spanish song contest singing Lola Flores’ famous pasodoble, La Zarzamora. This unknown story was the initial step towards one of the capsules of Envioletá, a hybrid project that runs between personal/private research on the artist Violeta Parra, critical thinking, flamenco, song, tradition and experimentation. This residency will take a deeper look into the concerns and aesthetic needs of Violeta Parra, for whom flamenco became an efficient code of expression. The project’s foremost aim is to stir up, to think, recite, sing and dance this hidden part of Violeta Parra’s poetic, sound and performance legacy as an important reference for contemporary art beyond our own territory and time. The Zarzamora capsule within Envioletá arises from a process of historical and symbolic reconstruction, as well as the deconstruction and reinterpretation of Chilean, Andalusian, Republican, colonial and decolonial traditions. Questions will arise on our own relation to flamenco, the meaning and experience of migration and belonging, discourses on identity and common poetics. Envioletá is thus also an itinerant, paradoxical body; a new body that holds the tensions between repulsion and desire, between the wild blackberry (zarzamora), Violeta Parra, and flamenco.

In addition to the making and setting up of this project, work at Bulegoa z/b will include open rehearsals, interviews with family members and specialists on the life and work of Violeta and Nicanor Parra, interaction with other artists, conversations on research and information seeking.

To take part in this session, please contact bulegoa@bulegoa.org

CAPACITY: Maximum of 15 people.

Javiera de la Fuente, Chilean based in Seville, independent researcher and flamenco bailaora. After my first collaboration with Pedro G. Romero in Máquinas de Vivir (2014) I worked with languages closely relating to performance in non-conventional stagings. From there I have sought to unite critical thinking and dance in hybrid formats like staged conferences, using resources such as story-telling and danced voice, flamenco, ritual, improvisation. I have recently performed in spaces such as Bauhaus Dessau (La Frase), Bergen Assembly 2019 (Aire del Mar, Canciones de la Guerra Social Contemporánea); European Forum For Advanced Practice, CA2M with the talk El Drama de una Realidad Sur. At the moment, partly guided by Pedro G. Romero and Belén Maya, I am working on Envioletá, which began at a recent residency at Azala Espacio de creación. I am also absorbed in creating Luciérnagas, a flamenco live-cinema and dance artefact, with artist Isaías Griñolo.