• Ignacio Sáez: Mar de papeles y velero, agosto 2013 (2013)

  • Ignacio Sáez: Capa 1. Copia 4 (2014)

  • Ignacio Sáez: Mesa taller barco vanitas (2008)

On the occasion of Forms of Navigation: Cabotage, a collaborative programme between Bulegoa z/b and fluent in Bilbao and Santander, part of Bertatik Bertara / So Close 2020, we have invited Ignacio Sáez to display his work in our office space.

Formas de navegación: Cabotaje outlines a field of action, a landscape, on which to work speculatively, so to speak. Sáez’s work, however, exceeds the metaphoric sense of the proposal. In his practice, issues such as “work and the sea”, “port landscape” or “forms of navigation”, are themes, the ground, matter, the background and figure.

DATES: 03/12/2020 – 30/01/2021.

OPENING HOURS: Thursday – Saturday, 16:30-20:30

Bulegoa z/b will be closed during Christmas holidays.

The artist will be at Bulegoa z/b on January 22, 2021, from 18:00 to 20:00. He will display some materials from his work.

To take part in the encounter, please contact bulegoa@bulegoa.org

For this invitation by Bulegoa z/b I am presenting the sum total of my work between 2013 and now.

My proposal is not so much to display works in space as to set up an archive documenting what I have made in all its extension, presented in the way I originally stored the work as I produced it.

By this I mean that I will move the three cabinets where I store the folders containing both my series of drawings and series of photographs, or both exhibition projects and what might be considered “work” to the Bulegoa z/b space. With this, I hope to give an exhaustive idea of the spectrum of interests and possibilities I try to explore and develop. Rather than displaying a series of highlighted works, I have chosen to present a compact, closed block that will provide an account, to anyone who wishes to open it, of what my process is looking like and where my work and life are leading: offering a narrative of how it does flow and advance, when it does, and of how it gets lost and comes to a standstill, when it does.

Ignacio Sáez, born in 1971 in Bilbao. Habitually presents himself as a painter of paintings or art painter. He does this when asked about his trade or profession to try to find a quick way out with a short answer to a question like this one which calls up so many doubts and contradictions.