Irakurketa taldea / Grupo de lectura / Reading Group 2014-2015



Session 1.
9 October 2014.
Text: Beaubourg. Una utopía subterránea The So-Called Utopia of the Centre, Albert Meister (1976).
Text proposed by Luca Frei.

Conductor: Iñaki Martínez de Albeniz.

Martínez de Albéniz is a Doctor in Sociology who works at the Sociology 2 Department, Universidad del País Vasco-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. Alongside his academic work, he had written for the Mugalari supplement of GARA, and does his own thing at El Estado Mental. With the contention of a reverent science like sociology, he has always felt curious about art, especially since some of his friends have been artists. And now he doesn’t know what he values most, art or friendship.


Session 2.
23 October 2014.
Text: Femø Woman’s Camp 2008: Film and Agreement, by Kajsa Dahlberg. 2008/2010. Work in EL CONTRATO exhibition. The session will be attended by the artist.

Conductors: Daniel Llaría, Pablo Marte.

Daniel Llaría was born in Logroño in 1985. He completed a Degree in Fine Arts in 2009 at the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV-EHU), with a year at Universität der Künste (UdK, Berlin) and an exchange with Byam Shaw (Saint Martin’s College, London). In 2010 he was awarded a scholarship by the Fundació La Caixa for a Master in Investigation in Art and Creation, Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Although he specialised in sculpture, he uses many different media in his work, with video as a nucleus from which he branches into other disciplines. In music and performance, he was a member of Baba Llaga in 2006; worked in AM with Itziar Markiegi, and set up Musta Props with Estanis Cornella in 2013.
Llaría has exhibited individually in the Next programme, Centro Cultural Montehermoso (Think locally fuck globally, 2009), and at the Centro Cultural, Egia (Pretty, 2014). Group exhibitions include Antes que todo (2010, CA2M), Pop Politics (CA2M, 2012) and First thought best (Artium, 2014). Awards include the Second Prize, Injuve, 2009; Revelation Artist, XXV Young Art Show, La Rioja, and a grant from the Basque Government for the recording and publishing of an LP with AM.

Pablo Marte (Cádiz, 1975) is an artist. His work revolves around how processes of signifying images and producing discourse are articulated and rearticulated, through a symptomatic, expansive, heterogenous practice of montage. Solo and group exhibitions include First Thought Best (Eremuak, Artium, Vitoria 2014); Marginalia (Arteleku, San Sebastián, 2013); Festival Pantalla Fantasma (Bilbao, 2013); L’Occasione (Bilbao, 2012); EspaiDos (Terrassa, 2010); and Antes que todo (CA2M, Móstoles, 2010). In 2012 he was given a curatorial residency at the Fundación Bilbaoarte, where he organised the intermittent cycle of exhibitions Enter the GhostExit the GhostRe-Enter the Ghost. Marte took part in the programming of HPC, Consonni, with El Problema está en el Medio. Also for Consonni, he wrote and directed the play Again, against, which premiered at BAD, Bilbao Theatre and Performance Festival (2013). He has recently published Pretty Woman, a project consisting of a fiction essay and ten interventions.


Session 3. 
13 November 2014
Text: Maurits Scripts, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, 2006. Work in EL CONTRATO exhibition. Text proposed by the artist.

Conducted by: Peio Aguirre.

Peio Aguirre, critic, independent curator and writer based in Donostia-San Sebastián. Exhibitions curated include Imágenes desde el otro lado, CAAM, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2007); Arqueologías del Futuro, sala rekalde, Bilbao (2007); Asier Mendizabal, MACBA, Barcelona, (2008); and Néstor Basterretxea, Forma y Universo, Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao (2013). Aguirre has published in different local, national and international magazines and catalogues, and writes cultural criticism on his blog Crítica y metacomentario:


Session 4.
20 November 2014.
Texts by Teresa Lanceta: “Una handira Beni Ouarain: la eternidad humana” (“A Beni Ouarain Handira: Human Eternity”) (2010), Estimados objetos. Bd.; and a fragment of “Mujeres e industria tabaquera en Alicante” (“Women in the Tobacco Industry in Alicante”) (2013) Edicions del Bullent. ps. 90-91.
Texts related to works in the EL CONTRATO exhibition: Handiras and Años felices. Cierre es la respuesta (2011), by Teresa Lanceta. The session will be attended by the artist.

Conductors: Arantxa Pereda, Damián Rodríguez.

Arantxa Pereda, studied a Degree in Art History, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, specialising in Art and Society in East Asia, and has a Diploma in Documentation, Cultural Heritage and Library Science, Universidad de Deusto, San Sebastián. She has worked in Documentation and Museums (ARTEDER. Basque Art database, Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao); exhibition curatorship (“Mujer y pelota Vasca”) and education (IADE, Deustobide).

Damián Rodríguez, artist. Degree in Fine Art, ULL, Master in Investigation in Art and Creation, EHU/UPV, Department of Art and Technology. Currently studying a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, UNED. He combines his research on gender and domestic spaces with projects in illustration.


Session 5.
12 December 2014.
Text: Karl Larsson: Consensus (The Room), 2012, Paraguay Press. Work in the EL CONTRATO exhibition. The session will be attended by the artist.

Conductor: Josu Bilbao.

Josu Bilbao (Bermeo, 1978) is an artist, and a member of the EL CONTRATO reading group. “I started studying and practising art when I realised that my life contract is aesthetic. I like getting close to the base of languages and savouring their meanings. My region’s form of speech is disappearing, and listening to it feels broader, rich, to me. Sculpture also gives shelter, and is a chance to pose questions that can’t be thought about in any other way. Exhibitions could be more experimental space-times.”


Session 6.
7 January 2015.
Text: Contenedor de feminismos

Conductor: Lucia Onzain.


Session 7.
12 March 2015.
Text: Draft for contract between “Would you like to participate in an artistic experience?” and institutions hosting the project within EL CONTRATO at AlhóndigaBilbao.

Conductor: Jorge Laespada.