EL CONTRATO Lecture Programme. Fourth talk: Elena Casado*


“The Power of the Ordinary”

Just what it is that makes Comic Sans or Gandía Shore so irritating, so despicable? What are our stakes in this consensus? Playing with different senses of the ordinary can give us some clues. Ordinary things are vulgar, inferior. But they also have a lot to do with our routine day-to-day life. Ordinary sounds a bit like ordering, setting out categories and hierarchies, even if the lowly positions of ordinary things don’t inspire us enough to take them on as values. Some would talk about empowerment. We’re going to talk about power. 

Elena Casado is a Sociology lecturer at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her lines of research have been linked to the sociology of communication and gender relations, focusing particularly on violence in heterosexual couples. She is currently a member of the group Sociología Ordinaria, working on the research project “Innovative Methods for Emerging Practices: Controversies and Unease over the Public/Private” and “Extensive Care”, an open, collaborative teaching project for making use of sociological imagination and the passion for hacking in nursing practice.

Venue: Bastida Hall at AlhóndigaBilbao
Free admission

*This programme of talks is part of EL CONTRATO [The Contract], a collaboration project with AlhóndigaBilbao.

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