Presentation by Danele Sarriugarte Mochales at the end of her residency in Bulegoa z/b. Her proposal Letra xehez idaztea was selected for residency along with Left/Write! (Rescript) by Simon Asencio in our 2023 open call. The jury was composed of Aimar Arriola (curator, editor and researcher), Laida Lertxundi (artist) and the three members of Bulegoa z/b.

Danele Sarriugarte Mochales: Letra xehez idaztea
Letra xehez idaztea is a search for and experimentation with a new way of writing/saying. Lower case writing/saying places writing in a new position, it shifts what is written/said; it seeks to find a new textual form, to explore and force the limits of what can be written and said setting out from material of my own, examining the plurality of voices that can emerge from there.

From late February to late March, Danele Sarriugarte developed this line of work at Bulegoa z/b. On 16 April, at 19h, she will read some of the texts written during her stay, in order to open up the process to the public and to continue to enliven the writing through dialogue.

Here is a starting point:

“all of a sudden you realize that capital letters    ideologies    identities    that you had thought were equivalents to yourself until then   are fragile    and you start to do    whatever

many feelings are aroused   contradictory   with respect to what you had been clinging to   adherence is still there   but anger is also aroused   you can’t bear to see what held your gaze

and you say: who am i, if i am not what i have been up to now?   partner   militant   mother  hetero    and you say: what will I do without you?  without politics    without motherhood   without heteronormative privileges   without my job

you’re lost, you seek new certainties    with mad zeal   don’t forget to breathe because it’s something quasi-automatic

and you shut your eyes and think:

it was all a lie, they deceived me. you reject the earlier belief and convert to a new one with the same zeal

or you shut your eyes and think:

it was all true, this is a test, I can see that clearly, they won’t fool me    you are too afraid of the abyss and with redoubled passion you once again cling to your previous faith

but there is a third possibility. there is always a third option a second third option a third third option    you shut your eyes, you open them now and again, you try to keep them open as long as possible    and you think:

it was all true, it was all a lie. and now what?

an other something. something other”

Danele Sarriugarte Mochales (Elgoibar, 1989). Writer and translator. She has published two novels and several stories, and has translated the work of different writers (Angela Davis, Eva Ilouz and McKenzie Wark, amongst others). Every three weeks she conducts in-depth interviews for the Jendeak (People) section of the magazine Argia, and sometimes collaborates with other media. At present she is presenting the spectacle Poppera, afterra, utopia together with Miren Narbaiza of MICE. She is a member of Ehgam of Donostialdea, and organises the reading group Iraqueerle.