“All Good Spies Are My Age”. Juan Domínguez


On this occasion I invite you to experience the before, during and after of a work’s production, and all of that simultaneously. I propose that you should spy on the intervals between the emergence of ideas for choreographies and the choreography of these ideas. The actions emphasise the relations between the writing and the reading of the work itself within the galaxy of hallucinations, the world of dreams, the space of the imagination – or will it be in the space of thoughts that we are going to find an intimate contact? Is it him? Is it you? Is it me?

Juan Domínguez

“All Good Spies Are My Age”
Created and performed by Juan Domínguez.
Artistic Assistant: Cuqui Jerez.
Co-produced by Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini (Valenciennes, France), Consejería de las Artes, Dirección General de Promoción Cultural, Comunidad de Madrid and Cuqui Jerez.
With the support of Xavier Le Roy, In Situ Productions.
This piece formed part of Project 5 (P5) that was supported by: Tanzwerkstatt (Berlin), Podewil (Berlin), Vooruit (Gante) and STUK (Lovaina).

* The doors will be closed at the start of the performance.

Juan Domínguez

Performer, choreographer, stage director and programmer. Lives and works in Madrid and Berlin. Since 1987 he has worked as a performer and assistant with different companies and choreographers in Europe. Since 1992 he has worked on his own pieces. Titles since 2000: the taste is mine 2000. todos los buenos espías tienen mi edad [all good spies are my age] 2002. the application 2005. seven attempted escapes from silence (opera) 2005. shichimi togarashi 2006. todos los buenos artistas de mi edad están muertos [all the good artists of my age are dead] 2007. de la… a la…[from the… to the…](research project) 2007/08. don’t even think about it 2008. blue 2009. clean room (scenic mini-series) 2010. Artist in residence in PODEWIL, Berlin-Germany during the years 2004-2005. Since 2003 he has been artistic director of the Festival In-Presentable (La Casa Encendida / Madrid). Since 2010 he has been co-designer of Living Room Festival (Madrid / Berlin).

His work is based on questions concerning the theatrical medium. Working on the relationship between different codes, his works propose a dissolution between fiction and reality.