Looking for a Missing Employee. Rabih Mroué


“Last Wednesday, a Ministry of Finance employee named R.S. abandoned his family. His wife insisted on her right to know who was holding him. But R.S.’s disappearance was not only a tragedy for those close to him; it was a complete lack of respect for citizens.” Rabih Mroué presents a play based on real events in this disquieting police case, and political and financial affairs that led from it. His tactic is to follow after the ‘truth’ as it is told in in press cuttings. Looking for a missing employee (2003) reflects on public perception of the truth through media communication, as well as rumours, accusations and political statements. It provides a critical staging of how all of this is represented.

Looking for a missing employee will take place in the AlhóndigaBilbao Auditorium. The theatre performance is part of the programme of activities for EL CONTRATO, a collaborative project between Bulegoa z/b and AlhóndigaBilbao running between 2 October 2014 and 11 January 2015.

More information: www.alhondigabilbao.com

Rabih Mroué (Beirut, 1967) is a playwright, artist and essayist based in Beirut and Berlin. His work is a critical reflection on the use of images in official narratives. Contributor and editor for Kalamon magazine, Lebanon, and The Drama Review (NY). Mroué is a board member of the Beirut Art centre and a member of “Interweaving Performance Cultures” International Research Centre, Freie Universität, Berlin. In 2013 he staged the solo exhibition Image(s) mon amour, curated by Aurora F. Polanco at Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Móstoles). Works include Riding on a cloud (2013), 33 tours et quelques seconds (2012), The Pixelated revolution (2012), Photo-Romance (2009); and The Inhabitants of Images (2008).