In February 2020, Bulegoa z/b initiated Women and Exiles, a series of readings coordinated by Josebe Martínez which was disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic. The series consisted of three sessions, dedicated to decolonial literature, exiled artists and intellectuals in the Spanish Civil War, and the contemporary figure of the victim as part of the cultural industry. As a result of the sessions we are presenting an intervention made up of three contributions: 1. a podcast reading of an extract from Ciudad Final (2007), a novel by Kama Gutier, the pseudonym of Josebe Martínez. 2. transcription of an interview by Martínez with the Peruvian professor, educator and thinker Norma Mogroveyo on the novel. 3. podcast conversation on exile between Josebe Martínez and the Serbian artist Yelena Cvejic.

Zapi Zuria is an online publishing initiative by Bulegoa z/b for the edition of contributions.

Josebe Martínez. Professor at Universidad del País Vasco and Doctor in Hispanic Literature, University of California, San Diego. Martínez has taught at California State University, Colegio de México and Univeristy of Miami. She is the director of a research project PID2020-112913GB-I00 “Condición de extranjería. Escritoras latinoamericanas. América y Europa. Siglo XXI” with the Ministry of Science and Innovation as well as the series Estudios Transatlánticos Postcoloniales for Editorial Anthropos. Many of her publications have focused on the current relation between literature and hegemonic politics in Spain and Latin America; for instance, Las intelectuales. De la II República al exilio, her research into Mexican and Chicana narrative and experimental film; and the pseudonymous fiction work by Kama Gutier, Ciudad final (2007).