Saturday, June 26, 5.30-10.00 pm.

Offerings by Vinita Gatne is presented together with Illegal_Cinema’s session no. 92 as part of Solokoetxe’s Summer Solstice, a group celebration involving different spaces in the Bilbao district of Solokoetxe. We’ve been holding it since 2015.

Offerings are a series of lenses that distort scale by making magical portals into everyday landscapes. Miniature landscapes are constructed over concave lenses which are then photographed against (land/city/sea)scapes. The work has been developed as an interactive website as a part of Zapi Zuria’s online publication.

Offerings are made to pass hands, to travel and to be in a state of variation. You are invited to take them for a walk and give them another dimension, another story, another moment.

If you wish you could also take a photo of it and together we could add it to an archive of imaginations. Email your iteration of offerings at or upload it on Instagram tagging @bulegoazb and @virtualvini

In order for the offerings to be available to other visitors and pass more hands, we request you to return them within an hour when you take them out for a walk.

Vinita Gatne (Mumbai, 1988) is an installation artist and scenographer who fabricates chimerical (land)scapes as a way of traversing anecdotal knowledges. By shifting the settings of reality to seldomly visited dimensions, she attempts to subvert linear narratives and dismantle abject representations. Her art installations are inherently interactive in order to question the relationality between the viewer and the object of study. Her works in scenography include the films One Emerging from a Point of View (2019) by Wu Tsang and Microresistances (2020) by Marwa Arsanios.

Offerings by Vinita Gatne is presented as part of the first session of Material Voices: Feminist Genealogies of the Work of Making Exhibitions. The programme will take place in 2021-2022 and will consist in a series of encounters at Bulegoa z/b. In each encounter, two speakers will be invited to talk together about a particular exhibition, with a third guest presenting a work from a different context.

Material Voices: Feminist Genealogies of the Work of Making Exhibitions is supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives (FFAI), New York.