Presentation by Tripak as part of their residency by invitation at Bulegoa z/b in July 2020. The second public event of their residency will take place in November 2020.

Limited seating available.
Please contact bulegoa@bulegoa.org if you would like to attend the event.

Tripak work in the performing arts and try to create our own way of seeing. We use our sensibilities as artists and musicians to disseminate and materialise different discoveries. Theatre gives us a way to work with images and shape to a certain world by combining volume, space, light, sound, body, rhythm. We do not so much try to tell stories as to delve into a fantastic, mysterious world. We also like to move from the narrative into abstraction.

This means that we consider theatre’s many formal aspects to be highly important and try to investigate them by experimenting and searching for a whole that uses all of them together. We use the power of the romantic and our unconscious archetypes. Through these, and the use of absurdity and ambiguity, we also try to make poetry. For instance, when we bring to light different relationships between meaningful elements, we create a new world, a mirage.

2019 was the first performance of Urruna at the Fundición, Bilbao, at the BAD Contemporary Theatre and Dance Festival. The piece was about a peculiar community living at the foot of a volcano and how they relate to some of their neighbours, who have been scorched and turned into objects. We see the amorous sentiments of a passenger, a miraculous event, and a piece of metal from the volcano with mysterious intentions and qualities.

In our residency at Bulegoa z/b we will continue with some of the fantasies and resonances the last piece gave rise to, moving into a new place or stage. We have some idea of what this next place will be (hurrengoa, “close by, next to”) and will probably pick up from ways of working in Urruna (what is far away) that we want to explore. We use play and exercises to work, often with improvisation. Here, we will be trying to work out a script that will take us into different spaces (including outside ones), and trying to create relationships with what is around us. We would like to end off by offering something of what we experience and create to others.

Tripak is a company whose members are Marina Suárez, Natalia Suárez, Andrea Berbois, Maite Mugerza and Mayi Martiarena. It was set up in 2014 by Marina Suárez y Mayi Martiarena, who had been working that year at the Sala Baratza creative laboratory and founded the company in order to be able to present their own work, based on their own experience and vision. Their first short piece, Maite, was presented at La Noche Scratxe#8 in Baratza. In 2014 they began work on Aitaren Larrua. With this piece, they found their way into their own way of working. It travelled to different spaces in the Basque Country (Durangoko Azoka 2015, Eztena 2015, Sala Baratza, La Monstrenka), finalising at Museo Artium, Vitoria-Gasteiz at In-TACTO festival. In 2017 they began work on Urruna during a residency at Sala Baratza, which was followed by others at AZALA, Sala Baratza, GaraiOn Sorgingunea and Teatro Pradillo). Different versions of the piece have been staged at Teatro Pradillo, Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea and Noche Scratxe#11. In July 2019 the company adapted Urruna for an open air festival by Eremuak’s HARRIAK programme at Markina-Xemein. Having finalised work on the piece at their latest residency at Teatro Pradillo, it premiered at La Fundición Bilbao as part of BAD festival. In 2020 they were awarded an Eremuak artist’s grant which will allow them to continue work on their new project.