Andrea Rodrigo and Claudia Pagès mutual encounter took shape after an invitation by Bulegoa z/b, where they started working together  in writing. The initial premise was to try to maintain the diffuse state close to intuition that happens in the studio, when meanings have not quite been articulated. To write from that place, which has to do with searching for desire, holding on to what is around you and trying to gather what happens through the exchange – and so water appeared. The Bilbao Ria; the estuary and its margins, gave rise to a collaboration which took the form of an epistolary of the senses, the body and writing, made up of different texts, where Andrea and Claudia exercise their affinity and seek different ways of approaching writing.

This occasion sees the presentation of the first results of their exchange, which they will continue to work on. As a continuation of their joint practice they will be sharing the methodologies and writing exercises in it.

Andrea Rodrigo (Madrid). Thinks about means of creating complicit experiences and producing knowledge and sensibilities. Is interested in artistic and curatorial research and contemporary choreography. She works with Ainhoa Hernández, with whom she is carrying out a long-term investigation that takes different forms, such as Saliva, a programme of performances and workshops at CentroCentro, Madrid (2018); and has also worked with artists Valentina Desideri and Corazon del Sol. She is involved in contexts such as the Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme, France; and CA2M, Madrid, where she was present at the first season of “La escuelita” curated by Julia Morandeira and Margarida Mendes; and Bulegoa z/b, where she worked as a coordinator from 2017-2018.

Claudia Pagès (Barcelona) has shown her work individually and in group exhibitions at institutions including: Veronica, Ámsterdam (2018); Yaby, Madrid (2018); La Capella, Barcelona (2017); Rongwrong, Amsterdam (2016); P/////AKT, Amsterdam (2015). She has recently performed at: Gasworks, London (2018); Sharjah Art Foundation March Meetings, Sharjah UAE (2018); CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid (2017); RAI10/Arthena Foundation, Dusseldorf (2016); La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2016); Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2015; and resided at LIVE WORKS Centrale Fies, Trento (2017); Gasworks, London (2017); CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo and La Casa Encendida, Madrid, (2016), and was awarded the Mondriaan fonds Werkbijdrage Jong Talent Award (2016-2017).