• Performance: Giulia Crispiani and Patrizia Rotonda.

  • Image extracted from a positive copy on albuminated paper, 1883. Photographic archive of the Royal Academy of Spain.

July 1 at 6:00 p.m. at the Spanish Academy in Rome.

In the first session of the Summer Intensive of In Qualche Luogo Lontano: Roma (In Some Far Place: Rome), Giulia Crispiani and Patrizia Rotonda present Conjuro (conjure).

In qualche luogo lontano: Roma is the title of the program that takes place in Rome within Space is The Place/The Place is Space. This research project, initiated by Bulegoa z/b in 2018, aims to analyse the role of art as a critical practice that offers tools to stop, look and position oneself in the world, to generate situations and imagine ways of living and producing space. Structured through periodic meetings, it takes various forms, such as presentations, reading sessions, walks, actions on the territory and various artistic productions.

The palace opens up to the crowd, which, intoxicated with summer, celebrates the voices and attracts the bodies, who chase the voices that sing, harmonize, shout and whisper. We conjure a time that does not pass directly from before to after, but expands and culminates in a return of distant echoes. The words multiply in the din of corridors and domes, it is not and will never be completely legible, but through a spell the blood will go from blue to red. From one, to two, to ten, to thirty: the stories always go through the encounters. We come together to transform ourselves into a body that changes and does not remain immobile. The miracle of the sunset, the sunset of the miracle. The miracle of the fight, the fight of the miracle. The important thing is to stay long enough in a thought to feel it on your skin, as if it were a feverish temperature that rises or falls. We speak to each other and tell each other in silence.

Giulia Crispiani (Ancona, 1986) is a writer and visual artist who lives and works in Rome, where she collaborates with Nero Editions. Her practice is developed from the written word, giving importance to interviews, love letters and posters as formal results of her research. Her work has been presented in various non-profit institutions and spaces, including: MACRO, Rome, Quadriennale di Roma 2020, Rome; Il Colorificio, Milan; FramerFramed, Amsterdam; Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin; De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam; Charsoohonar, Tehran. She is the author of the books Incontri in luoghi straordinari / Meeting at remarkable places (Nero Editions, 2020), What if Every Farewell would be followed by a Love Letter (Union Editions, 2020), and Petra (ReRun books, 2018).

Patrizia Rotonda is a singer, musical author, performer and teacher. She collaborates in French and Italian productions with various artists from the fields of music, theatre, art, and contemporary music at important events in Italy and abroad, as well as on Rai Radio 2 and Radio 3. She is part of the Quartetto Nuovo de Giovanna Marini, with whom she has collaborated on numerous artistic projects. She has collaborated with: Mauro Pagani, David Riondino, Elio De Capitani, Andhira, la Banda, Giovanni Guaccero, Bruno De Franceschi, choreographer Ornella D’agostino, Philip Miller, Gianni Trovalusci, Charlie Owens, Badarà Seck, Emil Zrhian, Gavino Murgia, Mouna Amari, Thuthuka Sibisi, Nathalie Hervé, Imen Smaoui, Fabien Delisle, Eric Minette, Yuval Avital, as well as many musicians from the Roman area. She also collaborates as a singer in contemporary art projects such as that of William Kentridge and Marzia Migliora.

In qualche luogo lontano: Roma is a project carried out within the framework of the MAEC-AECID Scholarships for Art, Education and Culture for the academic year 2020-2021 within the scholarship program for the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.