SOLOKOETXE SUMMER SOLSTICE: lesboterrorism and girlfriends


Friday, 23 June, 2023, from 8.00 to 10.00 pm

Summer Solstice is the joint celebration that Bulegoa z/b, La Taller and different associations and venues in the Bilbao neighbourhood of Solokoetxe have been organising since 2015.

Lesboterrorism invites us to build new forms of imposture to confront what we’ve inherited: we get together to shatter those customs that don’t adapt to our ways of life. We revalue affects, support networks, and we stand for a new form of family: one that’s collective and based on choice. We want you all to take part in this festivity, in which we’ll be celebrating our way of relating to each other and sharing new narratives.

Lesboterrorism and Girlfriends encounter their desire on an aesthetic trip. This starts out from a sound praxis in Bulegoa z/b’s locale. Employing a multichannel approach, we propose to carry out a concatenation of actions that oscillate between the sculptural and performance. We want to transform the locale into a showcase like a Gallery Session, translating the political into the structure, in order to supersede and reshape its very form.

Abandoning remnants. Placing bodies in a situation and situations in a body.

*Help with the graphics by La Taller.

Heretica(s) is an association with artistic goals. Its values are based on production through the collective, in the specificity of each place, person and situation. It was consolidated in Bilbao in 2023, but it emerged a while back in Lesboterrorismo Vol 1, a project that started out from a wedding whose only premise was to end in divorce. This gave rise to an incentive to continue working collectively, which led us to form this association.

Our intention is to promote an artistic practice that works from the individual towards the collective and vice versa, occupying and reshaping by building new structures.

Starting out from a common seed; Lesboterrorism and Girlfriends.