Session nine, “The Book to Come” Reading Group, proposed by Oriol Vilanova


Today, Friday 6 May 2016, I’ve been living in Brussels for just over three years. It’s hard for me to wander round the city without Broodthaers being present. What links me to him is pure idolatry; the past naturally superimposes itself on the present. I recognise him in objects, places and attitudes.

The invitation to The Book to Come has led me to speak about a book I hardly know. I like the image of the book unhurriedly awaiting us. This time, L’Angelus de Daumier (1975). I also won’t be able to help going back over the ones I do know.

Oriol Vilanova (Manresa, 1980). Street markets are where he most likes to do research. He has built up a collection of postcards from them that he uses as a “thinking machine”, which has become the conceptual foundation for his theatre works, installations and performances. He has published artist books with Christophe Daviet-Thery (Paris), JRP Ringier Christoph Keller Editions (Zurich), JAP (Brussels), FRAC Champagne Ardenne (Reims) and CRU (Figueres).

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