• "Dark Matter Cinema Tarot" - Bombay Nocturnal Committee at CAMP, 2018

Dark Matter Cinema Tarot. A Nocturnal Committee in Bilbao. Session proposed by Leire Vergara and Pablo Marte.

In conceiving the DMC Tarot, Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson have replaced the Major and Minor Arcana with a selection of still images drawn from cinematic memory. No longer tied to the symbolism of the classical tarot, the DMC cards, suspended between contingency and fatality, refract questions posed to them through a process of speculative description and collective fabulation, with each reading forming a singular montage of gestures, situations and relations.

Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson. Filmmakers and artists whose work interrogates potential forms and fictions emerging from the ruins of the moving image, and whose practice includes the creation of short and feature films, exhibitions, sound and video installations, film-performances, event works, radio shows and books. Their artistic production uses cinema in expanded form to reactivate lost or forgotten archives and histories and to create new modes of collective engagement with contemporary thought.