• Rufino Ocariz. Sketch.

  • Rufino Ocariz. Apunte.

Call for participants in the study group Itziar Okariz: Trabajar con material (Working with Material). Open 7-21 February 2022.

“Obsession is the most durable form of intellectual capital”.
(Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick: Touching Feeling. Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity, 2003)

In this series of encounters with a study group, Itziar Okariz wishes to open up and utilize material from her archive, many of them in currently obsolete formats. Some of these materials were discarded during the editing that takes place during any process of formalisation and were never presented publicly. The purpose of the study group is to look back at and think about the material –sculptures, photos, videos, audio material, drawings etc.– from a different moment and circumstances to those it was originally made in.

Trabajar con material explores the vitality of material produced over thirty years of artistic practice, characterized by a principle of economy, by insisting and returning again and again to a limited catalogue of signs and references.

To join the study group please email including your personal information, a short CV (one page maximum) and a letter of motivation (200 words maximum).

This study group will include 10 participants at most and will meet 6 times in 2022.

Itziar Okariz is an artist. Her work is characterised by the production of actions that question norms governing language and the production of signs that defines us as subjects. Solo exhibitions and performances include: Las estatuas, Museo Fundación Oteiza (2021); Shanghai Biennale (2020); Perforated by, with Sergio Prego, Spanish Pavilion, 58 Venice Biennale (2019), Respiración y otros sonidos, Centre d’art la Panera, Lleida (2018); I Never Said Umbrella, San Sebastian (2018); Una construcción…, CA2M Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid (2017); Itziar Okariz, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel (2017); DS, Ars Parcours, Art Basel, Basel (2017); Oscuros como de noche, Galería CarrerasMúgica, Bilbao (2017); Diario de sueños. Septiembre, Galería etHall, Barcelona (2016); Caja Negra/Cubo Blanco, CA2M Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid (2014); Outside of Black Box and White Cube, Keramikvonschaedler, Nendeln, Liechtenstein (2014); Irrintzi Repetition, Sesión 5. Sección Irregular, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona (2013); Un número de acciones determinadas, MUSAC, Leon (2013); Uno, uno, dos, uno, Galería CarrerasMúgica, Bilbao (2012); Contrarywise, Museo Picasso, Barcelona (2010); and Ghost Box, sala rekalde, Bilbao (2008).

This study group is part of the research project Trabajar con material: archivos de artista en el contexto vasco, led by Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola with the support of a projects grant from KsiGune.