Gari Arambarri and Gin Ro are carrying out a residency as invited artists during the month of August. They will present the results of the work developed during the residency at the end of 2024.


Paul Valéry speaks of lagoons as a starting point. We think of bodies of water as a conceptual and physical space as a starting point for the search for meaning.

In spite of our contextual differences, we are interested in working on the basis of the similarities that unite us. Proximity to water is a constant feature in our memory for different reasons. A river serves for orienting oneself because it flows into another, larger river or the sea. The rivermouth is a point that one turns to when one is lost, in order to take a different course or around which to grow.

In some cases, as happens in the landscape of the Basque Country, water is a commonly found element that includes rivers, the sea and other bodies of water. In Mexico City, for example, water has passed from a material to an imaginary form, in relation to the rivers that once existed in the city and that continue to dwell in the collective memory.

We conceive of our artistic practice as a mobile starting point, like a river that meanders and has an uncertain endpoint. Disorientation is the only constant factor and the only orientation possible is searching.

According to Gloria Anzaldúa, nepantla is a náhuatl word for describing the space between two bodies of water, the space between two worlds. It is a limited space, a space where you are neither one thing nor the other, instead it is where you find yourself in a process of change.

In this way, we intend to make some locational devices that can perform an exercise in disorientated orientation. These devices could be developed in the form of maps, driftworks, and other working processes. Within this process we will give material form to pieces that facilitate encounters and orientations.

Gari Arambarri (Azkoitia, 1997) and Gin Ro (Mexico City, 1986) are two artists who met while descending a staircase at the Fundación BilbaoArte, during a residency in 2021.

We are interested in manual, textile and filmic processes. We have shared exhibition spaces at the  Fundación BilbaoArte and Art Emergent Sabadell 2022. We share an interest in subjects that include history, memory, lancape and gestures.