Fiftieth session, Illegal_Cinema


Film screening proposed by Ibai Baldes, followed by a debate.

Fred Can Never Be Called Bald (Harry Dodge, 2011, 39:56)

“What if we aren’t in a ‘location’? Or if our locations are in constant flux? How does the force of location form substance in this case, in location-during, otherwise known as movement, otherwise known as change: how do I even begin to understand change? If it happens in increments what is the smallest increment? How do I find the in-betweens? I think most human animals think in still pictures. And I also think that these pictures lay flat against one another. And I also think that these pictures begin to deteriorate very quickly too there at the bottom of the stack, so that the “stack-ness” or height or bulk that might be felt as duration (or even dimension – and is there any difference?) is only rarely experienced. Humans need an architecture that pushes later away from now. We think of it as space or linear time, it’s a workaround, and I don’t begrudge it to anyone, but the truth is everything is next to itself. And is happening at once.”

Harry Dodge (San Francisco, California,1966), also known as “Harriet ‘Harry’ Dodge”, is an American artist, professor and writer.

Ibai Baldes (Iruña, 1986) lives in Bilbao and met Harry Dodge while studying at CalArts.