Curating Positions: a cut through the screen presents Evergreening the cut, a collective film production premiered last June at the Dutch Art Institute’s COOP SUMMIT 2023 in Nida, Lithuania.

Evergreen-cut cinema, also known as the New Environmental Wave, aimed to capture the collaborative (including other-than-human agents) essence of art but fell short of its goal; the group of artists decided to face their trials and errors, egos, and collaborative ghosts. This quote has yet to be written but will come from a discussion during the conference in Nida, Lithuania, in the summer of 2023. The slogan developed by the artists in Nida will probably be:

Let’s sit with
Or dance our way to
The very end of end titles
The raw version
The unclean cut

Mirroring the conditions of the art world – the projectariat, the weird jet-set precarity of presence and deficiency, the evergreen symbolic value -, we are turning the camera back onto ourselves and the processes of task divisions, resource sharing, responsibility, and urgency. The “Toolbox for screen cutting” – assembled in the nine months of film’s photosynthesis as an immaterial set functional to entropy – serves as a means of communication and metaphor, questioning authorship and deconstructing clichés, shooting styles, genres, and perceptions.

We encourage a celebration of imperfections and the recognition of the stories embedded in objects, more-than-human agents, and their relations. Interrupting film screenings, we will raise questions about shared experiences, intentions, and boundaries. Our enthusiasm for complexity refuses rigid cuts, delving into the transformative power of emotions, making connections between love and digestion. In the shit, in the midst of the unknown and yet terrible something all we manage is to document and record. In the hopes that what is archived in the “Toolbox for screen cutting” can come in handy later, to those probably involved in this eerie not-yet, understood entanglement.

Evergreening the cut is a collective film production by Anastasia Nefedova, Claudia Medeiros, Daniël van der Giessen, Gabriel Acevedo, Ian Nolan, Saverio Cantoni, Savva Dudin, Till Langschied, Tomer Fruchter, Weronika Zalewska, Marwa Arsanios, Leon Filter, Leire Vergara.

Curating Positions: A cut through the screen is a COOP study group part of the 2022-2023Dutch Art Institute’s MA Program.